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Hair transplantation
refers to the surgical removing of permanent hair with its roots from the back of the head and planting it in the bald spots in the front and top of the head in tiny seedlings or "grafts". The area from which the hair is removed at the back of the head is called the "donor site". Hair transplantation is an effective and permanent solution for hair loss.
Before Hair Transplantation After Hair Transplantation

Success of hair transplantation is based on the concept of donor dominance in male pattern baldness (MPB). If a hair follicular graft is taken from an area destined to be permanently hair bearing, and is transplanted into an area of MPB or future MPB, it will eventually, after a while of regression, continue to grow in its new site, as long as it would have had done at its original site.

In the 1990s the concept of follicular unit has revolutionized hair transplantation. Human hair emerges from the scalp in groupings known as follicular units. In most hair transplant procedures a combination of single hair micrografts and multi-hair follicular unit micrografts are used. The smallest grafts are used for the hairline because they are less detectable, while the larger follicular unit micrografts are used to thicken areas on the top and back of the head.

Before Hair Transplantation
Before hair transplantation
After Hair Transplantation
After hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery and is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

The hair follicles removed from the "donor site" are then divided into individual grafts of varying sizes. Choice of number and type of graft is made taking into account the patient's hair type, quality, color and the area to be transplanted. Once prepared the grafts (hair and its roots) are then inserted into the thin area.

Hair transplantation takes approximately four to 6 hours depending on the extent of the planned procedure. Any shampooing you do should be done gently. Scabbing can last roughly 10 days. You should stay out of the sun, and if you live or work in an environment that's dusty or dirty, you should wear a cap. The doctor will recheck you in about 7 days to remove stitches from the donor area. The timing and number of transplants depends on the amount of hair you have when you start and how much hair density you desire.

Hair Transplantation Tours
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